Trading & Inventory

The Integrated Trading Business System (ITBS)


  • ITBSは輸出入ビジネスにかかる日々のオペレーションをシームレスに提供する、CISDが自社開発したシステムです。
  • ITBSは次の9つのモジュールから構成されています。
    ①Sales Forecast ②Sales Quotation ③Contract ④Inventory ⑤Credit Control ⑥Logistics ⑦Master ⑧User Administration ⑨Reporting
  • ITBSはインターフェースを通して会計システムとデータ連携ができるだけでなく、カスタマイズによりERPシステムともデータ交換を行うことが可能です。
  • ITBSはお客様の業務の一層の効率化に寄与します。(以降の説明は英語版のみとなります。ご了承ください。)

System Features

Modules Main Features
[User Admin]
  • To maintain the user login ID with authorization according to organization structure and user roles assignments
  • To maintain the master data like the customer and supplier master, material master, currency, unit, etc.
[Credit Control]
  • To maintain the customer/supplier credit limit master
  • To provide the Credit Limit checking in Order and/or shipment level, and notify user with email notification
  • To support stock management in material sub item levels
  • Supporting price or quantity adjustment , warehouse transfer, lot transfer operation
  • Support the inventory and commodity balance output
[Sales Forecast]
  • To record the monthly sales forecast for the delivery planning
[Sales Quotation]
  • To record the sales quotation and print out the quotation to Customer
  • To record the contract data and issue contract documents like Sales Contract, Purchase Contract or Contract Memo.
  • Supporting different type of business transactions including Stock Sales, Back to Back, Processing, Agency.
  • To record Shipment and Delivery data for issuing the Shipping document like DO, Invoice, Packing List, etc.
  • Supporting partial shipment, combine Contract shipment, combine invoice
  • Supporting the Price Adjustment, Sales/Purchase Claim, Sales/Purchase Return, Sales/Purchase operation, and the issuing of debit/credit memo
  • Supporting shipment with dual payment terms
  • Providing different contract management output like Contract Balance, Sales Budgeting, etc.
  • Providing different Delivery management output like Shipment Update, Commission List, Profit & Loss Analysis, etc.
  • Providing Delivery planning output based on the Forecast and Order balance data
[A/C Interface]
  • Supporting the data interface of master data like customer/Vendor master or material master, etc. to Accounting system
  • Supporting the data interface of sales and delivery data, and the inventory data to the Accounting system
[Business Connector]
  • Supporting the customization of the EDI interface with supplier/customer ERP system (i.e. Business data Connection)

System Flow (Sample: Stock Business)