Office LAN/WAN Construction

We provide services from designing to implementing LAN and WAN networks. We take care of the physical and logical design, as well as selecting, implementing and setting up communication devices and servers. We also offer maintenance, administration and trouble-shooting after setup. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Our experienced technical staff can provide reliable services on building and setting up network environments.

We also provide services such as suggestions on implementing network security, construction of network using Internet/VPN or IP/VPN, as well as implementation support on network file server by deploying dedicated server or network attached storage (NAS) device.

We can construct network environment for shared business systems (sales, production management system etc.) and email systems for different office locations in Hong Kong and China.

We respond to every client’s scale and needs, offering streamlined, safe and stable network infrastructure, together with all-rounded services from construction, management to maintenance.