IT Security Assessment

Everyone needs to be concerned with cyber attacks, these days. Your company is also in dander of cyber attacks.

We provide IT security assessment service, and CISD find IT security risks instead of your company, and propose the optimum solution for improvement.

Since we take advantage of results in ITOCHU Group, we must provide support that meets your needs for you. Please feel free to contact us.

IT Security Assessment Service

We visit your office, and then check and analyze the configurations and the operations related to office network and each IT devices onsite. After the onsite survey, we report the result and make proposal for improvement.

How to proceed

  1. Confirmation for procedure/schedule/scope
  2. Office visit and onsite survey

Interview to IT staff
Confirmation for structure/configurations of network and related devices
Confirmation for server and PC
Report for result

  1. Proposal of counter measure for improvement

Conceptual Diagram for Onsite Survey